About Us


Hi there!

Our world is full of beautiful natural beauties. There are so many things to see around the world that sometimes you will feel as if one life is not enough to roam around the whole world. Besides the natural beauties, man has made some outstanding structures and places worth visiting. I love traveling; it’s my hobby. Whenever I get time, I pack my bag, choose a destination from the map and get going. Till now I’ve visited about 25 countries.

It is amazing to notice the differences in culture and people’s lives in different places. There are so many things to learn from them. Besides traveling, I read a lot of books too, to learn about people, the places, their culture, etc. Many renowned authors and poets have written about nature and the different places. They have expressed their feelings about these places through their writings.

This blog is about traveling and you will learn a lot about travel-related books too. If you are planning on a holiday, then this blog will be a good read. You will learn about places, what to visit, where to stay, how to pack, etc. to make your travel a pleasant experience.