Top 6 Books that Will Inspire You to Travel

There are some wonderful books that will inspire you to travel. Some books are about peoples’ journey to different places, while others are ‘how-to’ guides. These books will bring out the wanderer in you. Here are the top books on travel that you can read.

On the Road

By- Jack Kerouac

This classic travel book tells the story of Sal and about his journey from New York City towards the west. Here the author beautifully describes his journey, how he makes new friends, what fun he has, etc. This book portrays Sal’s desire to roam around the world. By reading this book, you will know how traveling can make a person stronger and more confident.

The Beach

By- Alex Garland

This is a book about backpackers and how they search for the perfect place. Here, the characters want to do something different and the difficulties they face in doing so. If you are looking for adventure, then this book is for you.


The Geography of Bliss,

By- Eric Weiner

In this book, the author tries to find out why people of certain places are happier. He visits India, Switzerland, America, Iceland and other places in search of an answer. It is a very interesting read as you get to know about the different places and how the people are in those places.

The Alchemist

By – Paulo Coelho

It is indeed one of the best travel books you will ever read. The book is about a young shepherd who goes to Egypt to learn Alchemy, the process of turning a metal into gold. You learn about his adventures in the desert and more.



By – Rolf Potts

The author of this book spent many years on the road. From this book, you will get valuable information about traveling. If you are planning to travel long term, then you must read this book. You will learn how to plan your travel, how to save money on the road, and lots more.


Love With a Chance of Drowning

By – Torre DeRoche

If you are afraid of the water then you should read this book to overcome your fears. This beautifully written book describes the author’s journey through the Pacific Ocean. You will learn about the things she saw, what she experienced and lots more.

If you are a travel enthusiast then you must read these books. These are the best travel books of all time and the books have inspired millions of people to travel. Some of these books are so wonderful that you will feel like reading them again and again. Reading books will help you to plan your travel and you will know what to expect when you go to a different place.